Meet the Frenetic Arts Directors

Luci Hammans

Founder, Project Manager

Luci is a powerhouse actress, playwright, and overall theatre enthusiast taking their first steps into directing. They are a gender, sexuality, and youth advocate who fights inequality and oppression through their art and encourages others to do the same by providing safe and accessible creative spaces. Luci completed a B.A (1st Class Honours) in Applied Theatre, Community and Education at the Birmingham School of Acting and  returned to Barbados to further their theatrical adventure. They enjoy using theatre as a tool not only for catharsis but also to engage community dialogue, to represent the underrepresented, and to provoke thought on wider societal issues.

Cyndi Marshall

Communications & Resource Management

Cyndi is a Linguistics and Communication Studies graduate and multifaceted creative mind who thrives on the “how dare they?!” response. Having been writing since age eleven, they use their poetry and prose to tackle much of the issues society likes to silence. Using their knowledge of communication and language, they engage artistic youth in critical dialogue through workshop facilitation, artist management, event curation, and, of course, performance. Their work examines issues of identity with emphasis on gender, self-awareness, language, sexuality, culture, and mental health practice. Cyndi combines art and activism with a view to inspiring collaboration and community among young artists of all genres, and elevating the status of Caribbean art as an economic engine.

N.E.C Boyce

Public Relations

Nicholas “N.E.C” Boyce is a poet, writer, model, and activist. Enamoured with the human ability to create art and break cycles, Nec’s work is guided by the belief that people should be their most authentic selves. He is the founder of his own platform, Never Ending and Creative, which is geared towards mentoring males to be freer, more expressive, and most of all, true to themselves. Affectionately known as the Dystopian Poet, Nec uses his work to reach out to those who suffer from depression and social anxiety disorders. He rejoined the poetry community in 2016 after a 3-year hiatus, and has made himself an example in his advocacy for self-love and self-fulfillment.

Faith-Amber Johnson

Founder, Creative Co-ordinator

Faith-Amber has been an avid member of the artistic community in Barbados since 2014. She has used writing and the art of poetry to cope with life’s hardships, thus inspiring her aim to help young artists discover their voices and deal with their own hardships. She is a mental health activist, as evidenced in much of her work, and often explores themes of self-love, body positivity, depression, and mindfulness through her artistic endeavours. Her long-term goal sees the end of the era of struggling artists, and the birth of an age where society understands and appreciates artists as proponents of culture.